Project Description

Shurijh Reservoir Dam and related facilities located in Khorasan Razavi province, 125 km from Mashhad city and about 30 km from Sarakhs frontier zone. This dam is of earth and clay core with a maximum height of 46.5 meters from the river bed, 374 meters in length and a total area of ​​۱۵۶۵۰ square kilometers will be constructed for storing water of the Kasfrud River near the village of Poleghzay from the functions of the frontier section. Became In this project, about 19,200 cubic meters of concrete, 7,1 million cubic meters of embankment of the dam, 2,600 cubic meters of plastic concrete, 19,39 meters of drilling and injection length, and 821,000 kg of reinforcing materials, along with the preparation and installation Instrumentation equipment and part of the hydromechanical equipment pipe, and the construction and equipping of the employer’s workshops and access roads will be required.